International Shooting and Conservation Society

Small Arms Standards is brought to you by the International Shooting And Conservation Society (ISACS).

We are a small society made up of people from all walks of life. We’re young and old, male and female, rich and not so rich. Our religious and political beliefs run from one end of the spectrum to the other. 

What we have in common is this: we love guns and we love the wilderness spaces in which we often shoot them. We want to preserve our rights to enjoy both. 

Our original members met 15 years ago at a gun club in a small college town. We decided to form ISACS as a way to cement our commitment to our shared passions. Over the years ISACS has gotten bigger as we’ve welcomed friends and spouses who share our enthusiasm for just about anything gun and outdoors related. As our group has grown, so has our collective knowledge. Our annual get togethers have become incredible exchanges of stories and information.

These yearly meetings are so informative and fun that we decided to try to duplicate them on the web. That’s what this site is about – sharing our collective knowledge and experience with an even wider group of like-minded friends. 

We’re always looking out for new members, but you have to find us first. Are we a secret society? No, not exactly. If you keep your eyes peeled around shooting ranges or hiking trails, you just might see one of our members proudly wearing an ISACS t-shirt. Do say hello. As far as the internet goes, however, we prefer to stay anonymous.

We actually did the math and we have a combined 621 years of shooting experience. Hopefully that experience is of some use to you and you find this site educational and inspirational. Thanks for reading.