UNODC, West African States address ISACS role in strengthening stockpile management

Simonetta Grassi of UNODC at the Abidjan workshop

ABIDJAN, 29-30 September 2015 — The UNODC Global Firearms Programme organised in Cote d’Ivoire a regional workshop for West African States on “Synergies and Complementarities between the Arms Trade Treaty, the UN Firearms Protocol, the UN Programme of Action, the ECOWAS Convention, and other instruments relevant to arms control.”  

While the workshop covered a broad range of issues, one point of agreement that emerged from the workshop was that States in the region should build the capacities of those responsible for stockpile management in line with the guidance set out in ISACS (Module 05.20: Stockpile Management: Weapons) and IATG.  

READ REPORT (in French) — Les ComNat harmonisent les instruments juridiques pertinents pour la lutte contre le trafic des armes