UNLIREC, UNDP draw on ISACS to advise Guatemala, Bosnia & Herzegovina on weapons amnesty legislation

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"19 November 2013, the Government of Guatemala and UNLIREC organized a one-day legal seminar on small arms control in Guatemala City. […] The seminar was organized to present and disseminate UNLIREC’s legal analysis and recommendations on two bills of law proposed by the Government [one of which is] to address... the creation of a legal and policy framework for an eventual voluntary firearms amnesty campaign in the country. […] the bill for a weapons amnesty drew heavily on ISACS 05.40 'Collection of illicit and unwanted small arms."

FULL STORY — UNLIREC lends firearms-related legal assistance to Government of Guatemala

In another part of the world, Jasmin Porobic (@PorobicJasmin) of UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina tweeted on December 16: 

"#Bosnia - great news re #SALW Collection. FBiH Parliament adopted the #SALW Amnesty Legislation today. @salwstandards @undpbih @oscebih”

UNDP Bosnia & Herzegovina also drew on ISACS 05.40 to advise the Federal Government on the amnesty law.