UNDP Report on Rule of Law highlights impact of ISACS

"Because the availability of weapons is closely linked with levels of violence and crime, UNDP continues its support to the development and implementation of the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). Launched in late 2012, the ISACS provides the UN system with a common set of policy, programming and practice guidelines that help ensure that the UN as a whole consistently delivers the highest quality advice and support to Member States regarding maintaining effective controls over the proliferation and control of small arms and light weapons (SALW).

In 2013, UNDP and other UN partners put the standards to a range of creative uses, including supporting weapons assessments and surveys in post-conflict or fragile settings such as Kosovo, developing standard operating procedures, technical guides and training curricula for use at the national level; evaluating (and improving) the design of national small arms control programmes; and providing consistent, high-quality advice to Member States on fundamental aspects of SALW control.

Beyond the UN system, the standards are used by other organizations to both revise and develop their own good practice guidelines. Since their introduction in 2012, ISACS have also served as a useful starting-point for training that encompasses effective control over the full life-cycle of small arms and light weapons, such as in Somalia. These standards continue to demonstrate their utility as a global reference point for SALW policy and practice, and contribute to supporting and improving global, regional and national efforts to reduce the global burden of armed violence.

In 2013, together with the Ministry of Interior of Nepal, UNDP organized a training workshop on the standards for law enforcement officials and used the results to support the Ministry in developing a National Strategy and Action Plan on Small Arms Control for Nepal. Additionally, UNDP, with the help of the UN Institute for Disarmament Research, supported the Ministries of Interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina to evaluate the design of a weapons collection programme using the ISACS Application Support Tool. As a result, the Ministries revised over 60 percent of the project design in order to align it with the ISACS modules on collection, stockpile management and destruction.”

FULL REPORT — UNDP's Rule of Law Global Programme Annual Report 2013: Strengthening the Rule of Law in Crisis-affected and Fragile Situations