UNDP awareness-raising campaign in Bosnia & Herzegovina guided by ISACS


Photo: UNDP BiH

"The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina invites non-governmental organisations (NGO) from the entire BiH, to participate in raising of awareness and creating space for open dialogue on dangers of small arms and light weapons.

"These activities will focus on building representatives of the campaign who will be educated and inspired to keep on building and sharing gained knowledge.

“Project activities will start in August 2015 and end in December 2015.

"Activities will include:

  • Three sets of trainings and workshops on SALW issues and management, with special focus on Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and ISACS
  • Visits to partner institutions
  • Partner visits to NGOs
  • Participations in Disarmament week
  • Final conference

"Trainings will be held by UNDP and other international organizations’ personnel, local ministries of interior and police agencies. The activities will be implemented in line with the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS).”

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