UN Strategy on the Sahel calls for sensitization on ISACS


United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel 

Strategic goal two: national and regional security mechanisms are capable of addressing cross-border threats

Objective 2.5: Enhance regional and interregional cooperation among Sahelian, West African and Maghreb States, including through the development of harmonized approaches aimed at combating illicit trafficking, controlling arms and movements of armed and criminal elements, including terrorists, and reinforcing the 1267 arms embargo mandate

Indicative actions:  (b) Sensitize the Governments of the Sahel and civil society actors about the 2012 International Small Arms Control Standards developed under the Coordinating Action on Small Arms mechanism, which provide clear guidance on putting in place and maintaining controls on small arms and light weapons. []

FULL REPORT — Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in the Sahel region (S/2013/354, Annex 1 contains the UN Sahel strategy)