UN Secretary-General outlines how ISACS have helped with Somalia arms embargo


"Lack of sufficient capacity constitutes a key challenge for many States in the effective monitoring and enforcement of arms embargoes. For instance, with regard to Somalia, my assessment in March 2014 found a limited capacity of the Government to adequately respond to notification requirements in connection with the partial lifting of the arms embargo on the Government (see S/2014/243). The United Nations is now working to support this gap in notifications. In the context of a broader rule of law and security programme, UNDP, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and the United Nations Mine Action Service have strengthened the capacity of the authorities to manage and report on arms imported under the partially lifted arms embargo, including through the development of a national import-marking standard using international standards and through technical assistance on weapons and ammunition management and training.”

FULL REPORT — Small arms and light weapons:  Report of the Secretary-General [to the Security Council]