Germany encourages worldwide use of ISACS


“Germany attaches great importance to UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) and related UN SC Resolutions, and supports the development of standards and best practices in the control of small arms and conventional ammunition at the global level. It has contributed to the ongoing development of the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) and encourages their worldwide use on a voluntary basis.” […]

“The BMS 6 should explicitly endorse these internationally agreed standards for the implementation of the PoA and the ITI” […]

“Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) is a key enabler in building effective weapons and ammunition management capacity and should be implemented coherently, using compatible standards (ISACS/IATG).”

Position Paper by Germany:  Submitted to the Chair-Designate of the Sixth Biennial Meeting of States (BMS 6) of the UN Programme of Action to combat illicit small arms and light weapons