OSCE End-User Certificate template aligned with ISACS


“To prevent small arms and light weapons (SALW) from getting into the wrong hands, countries need to ensure that there are sufficient safeguards in the procedures for their export.

One such safeguard is for countries to issue SALW export licences only where an authenticated end-user certificates is provided. The 56 OSCE participating States agreed in 2004 on what elements should be contained in SALW export licences. After an exchange of sample national end-user certificates from the OSCE participating States in 2009, the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre, together with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), developed an electronic template for end-user certificates that was presented to OSCE States on 28 September.

The template reflects national best practices and has also been coordinated with the draft module on end user certificates developed under the United Nations International Small Arms Control Standards."

OSCE helps control export of small arms and light weapons