OHCHR report on arms transfers and human rights cites ISACS 


“arms transfers to States that do not regulate civilian access to small arms and light weapons according to international standards pose a risk that such weapons may be used by individuals to commit or facilitate human rights violations and abuses, such as sexual and gender based violence. [10] […]

“the proliferation of arms, their diversion, illicit or unregulated arms transfers, transfers to States with insufficient regulation of civilian access to arms and the subsequent use or potential use of arms, may undermine national, regional and global peace and security and contribute to serious human rights violations and abuses.

“[10] […] For the current international standard, see the International Small Arms Control Standard, available from www.smallarmsstandards.org/isacs/0330-en.pdf.” 

FULL REPORT — Impact of arms transfers on the enjoyment of human rights: Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (A/HRC/35/8, 3 May 2017)