ISACS supports development of INTERPOL’s firearms tracing system - iARMS

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Participants in the 3rd INTERPOL Working Group on iARMS at INTERPOL Headquarters in Lyon, France.


On 2-3 November 2016, the ISACS Inter-Agency Support Unit participated in the 3rd meeting of the INTERPOL Working Group on iARMS (Illicit Arms Records and tracing Management System). 

iARMS is a web-based system that facilitates information exchange and investigative cooperation between law enforcement agencies in relation to the international movement of illicit firearms, as well as licit firearms that have been involved in the commission of a crime.  The scope of iARMS encompasses lost, stolen and trafficked / smuggled firearms.  iARMS works by providing a centralized system for the reporting and querying of lost, stolen and trafficked / smuggled firearms by law enforcement agencies globally, as well as facilitating the submission of and responses to international firearm trace requests. 

Currently, 155 countries (plus the UN Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK) have iARMS user accounts. iARMS contains almost 800,000 records of lost, stolen or trafficked / smuggled firearms. 18,000 trace requests have thus far been processed through iARMS.  

The design of the iARMS Trace Response form is based on guidance provided by ISACS 05.31, “Tracing Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons.”  The ISACS Inter-Agency Support Unit has been a member of INTERPOL’s Working Group on iARMS since its creation in 2014 and, before that, was a member of the INTERPOL Advisory Group that helped to create iARMS.  

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