ISACS, IATG can help with management of Floating Armouries - Marshall Islands


“8.2  The International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) and International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG) provide the structure to standardise the procedures for the management and accounting procedures for weapons, ammunition and security related equipment, including the safe and secure storage of these items that could be adapted for FAs [Floating Armouries].” 

“15.  […] 20-25% of PMSCs [Private Maritime Security Companies] have ceased trading during the last year, many of them reportedly leaving their weapons, ammunition and security related equipment distributed across FAs [Floating Armouries] in the HRA. [High Risk Area in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia] It is unclear what happens to these items”.

“16.  […] There is no procedure for an FA that goes out of business to surrender the weapons, ammunition and security related equipment to an appropriate authority for redistribution and or disposal. The danger is that these items could enter the illicit market.” […]

“18.  Several coastal States of the HRA and members of the Committee [IMO Maritime Safety Committee] have raised concerns about FAs within their EEZs [Exclusive Economic Zones] and the lack of a regulatory structure and have called for the development of interim guidelines for regulating their operation and for a standard to be developed by the ISO [International Organisation for Standardization]…"

“20.  […] There are concerns being expressed by coastal and flag States about the need for standards for FAs.”


“21  The Committee [IMO Maritime Safety Committee] should encourage flag States to support the completion of the comprehensive survey of the floating armouries as quickly as possible so that a full report can be given at MSC 97 in order for guidelines to be produced and a standard developed for FAs incorporating extant licenses, standards, treaties, guidelines, practices and codes.”

READ FULL REPORT — PIRACY AND ARMED ROBBERY AGAINST SHIPS: Comprehensive floating armoury survey report Submitted by the Republic of the Marshall Islands