ISACS featured in INTERPOL Firearms Programme newsletter

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Issue 2 of INTERPOL’s Firearms Programme Newsletter (October 2014) contains the following article on ISACS:

International Standards on Small Arms Control promote the use of INTERPOL resources

In 2012, the United Nations developed International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) which provide practical guidance to policy-makers and practitioners on putting in place effective controls on small arms and light weapons.  The standards are framed by existing global agreements designed to curb the illicit small arms trade and build upon best practices developed at the regional level.

INTERPOL contributed technical expertise to assist the UN in developing the standards, which highlight and promote the use of key INTERPOL resources including the IFRT [INTERPOL Firearms Reference Table], iARMS [INTERPOL Illicit Arms Record and Tracing Management System] , IBIN [INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network], INTERPOL Orange Notices, our I-24/7 secuire global police communications system, related criminal databases and online firearms identification training