ISACS featured in 'Diplomat’s Guide’

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This revised Handbook by the Small Arms Survey is designed to assist and inform policy-makers who are new to  small arms on the international agenda. 

Entry on ISACS:

"In collaboration with partners worldwide, the United Nations has elaborated International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) to streamline policy- making, programming, and practice on small arms and light weapons control across the more than 20 UN entities that make up the Coordinating Action on Small Arms, or CASA, mechanism.

"ISACS are designed to assist UN entities working on small arms issues to de- liver, upon request, consistent advice and support to UN member states on put- ting in place and maintaining effective controls over small arms and light weapons.

"The standards were developed within the framework of existing global agreements on small arms and light weapons control (see Part 2). They build on practices elaborated at the regional and sub-regional levels.”

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