ISACS feature in Secretary-General's report on illicit trafficking


"39.  A number of United Nations agencies are involved in capacity-development activities to reduce the availability of illegal firearms and to address the drivers and consequences of weapons trafficking. In 2012, the United Nations developed international small arms control standards, which provide practical guidance for small arms control. The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs regional centres in Africa, Asia, and Latin America already apply these standards in their capacity-development activities."

"86.  Within and outside the context of the Task Forces, United Nations entities increasingly engage in joint programming and activities in their efforts to assist countries to combat illicit cross-border trafficking and movement. A number of relevant examples have been mentioned throughout the report, including the WACI; Projects AIRCOP, Icetrail, Global Shield; inter-agency collaboration around the SAFE Framework of Standards; the development of international small arms control standards; the Container Control Programme; participation of technical assistance providing agencies in Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate country visits; or the joint United Nations Commentary on the 2011 European Union Trafficking Directive."

Report of the Secretary-General to the Security Council on illicit cross-border trafficking and movement (S/2012/777)