First Doha Security Symposium told ISACS can help prevent arms proliferation in the Sahel

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DOHA, QATAR — Under the banner of "new risks and security threats in the Sahel and Horn of Africa: consequences for security in the Gulf region,” representatives of armed forces, NGOs and research institutes from States in the Sahel, Maghreb and Gulf regions came together in Qatar for the First Doha Security Symposium on 12-13 May 2013.  A central theme of the discussions was the proliferation of arms, ammunition and exposives throughout the Sahel, Mahgreb, Levant and Horn of Africa — especially following the fall of the Qadhafi regime in Libya in 2011 — and the impact this could have on States in and around the Arabian Penninsula.  The ISACS Implementation Support Unit made a presentation outlining the risks involved and pointing to relevant guidance in ISACS that could assist States in region, in cooperation with the broader international community, to mitigate such risks and help prevent similar situations from happening again.