ISACS can improve SALW aid effectiveness - UNIDIR 


"[CASA] members are in the process of jointly developing International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). The ISACS are intended to help UN agencies and departments undertake SALW control activities but their applicability extends to any authority or organization undertaking such work." [p. 17]

"The ISACS are also expected to contain a module on monitoring, evaluation and reporting. Since the goal of ISACS is to provide a clear set of conditions that are necessary for SALW control to be effective, they could have an important role at the country level to help a state determine how its operations perform in relation to a particular standard and to help an implementing agency measure how much its assistance contributed toward reaching a particular standard.78 Once finalized and operational, the ISACS could have an impact on improving how SALW projects are evaluated." [pp 24-25]

"Clearly established indicators and targets are necessary for measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of SALW assistance. As noted above, the SALW field is still lacking in this area, although the ISACS, once finalized, could help in this regard." [p. 30]

"Since the process of developing the ISACS involves multi-regional consultations, and cover a wider breadth of issues than the existing standards and guidelines, the modules will be more universally applicable than the regional standards and guidelines. These tools help states and organizations determine the minimum standards that SALW activities, and the assistance used to implement these activities, are expected to achieve. States and organizations can thus use these to formulate performance indicators to measure whether or not an activity fulfilled its expectations." [p. 40]

"Once the ISACS have been finalized, donor and recipient states could also consider adopting the criteria of some or all of the ISACS standards into their national legislation and incorporating the standards into their various strategies." [p. 40]

"There is also a lot of potential for the ISACS to promote aid effectiveness, since the purpose of the ISACS is to provide states and organizations with benchmarks of the minimum requirements necessary for SALW control to be effective." [p. 46]

Searching for Aid Effectiveness in Small Arms Assistance