ISACS and 'Smart Weapon Technology'


The Bonn International Centre for Conversion has published BICC brief 49 on “Smart Technology in SALW Control–Civilian Protection, the UN-PoA, and Transfer Control (SmartCon).”  

The brief contains most of the papers presented at SmartCon 2013 in Berlin in June, which was sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office. 

The Economst reported on the conference and the issues it addressed in an article entitled, "Smart weapons: Kill switches and safety catches.”  

A paper by the Coordinator of the ISACS Inter-Agency Support Unit, Patrick Mc Carthy, is included in the brief — "Incorporating Smart Weapon Technology into International Frameworks and Standards.”  

The paper offers some preliminary reflections on the challenges and benefits of incorporating smart weapon technology into international frameworks and standards related to small arms and light weapons control. It focuses in particular on the UN Program of Action and the International Tracing Instrument and considers the role that the International Small Arms Control Standards can play in promoting the use of smart weapon technology.