BiH collection & destruction campaign implemented in line with ISACS


Photo: UNDP BiH

Excerpt from a report by UNDP Bosnia & Herzegovina entitled, 
6,000,000th Piece of Ammunition Destroyed

"The spread of small arms and light weapons continues to affect the security of the Western Balkans. To curb the proliferation of illicit small arms, UNDP/SEESAC has been working to support stakeholders at all levels in the region since 2002. As part of this effort, this year SEESAC coordinated a region-wide small arms destruction event on July 9, 2014, with partners in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

UNDP provides support to the defense and police of Bosnia and Herzegovina to assist in development of methods and implementing activities to lessen the burden that illicit weapons pose to the security of the country. The activities are implemented in line with the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). Dr Patrick McCarthy, Head of the ISACS Inter-Agency Support Unit at the United Nations explains that the ISACS provide practical guidance on putting in place effective controls over the full lifecycle of small arms and light weapons, including the collection and destruction of illicit and unwanted arms. The standards were jointly developed by more than 20 UN agencies working in cooperation with leading experts worldwide.  ISACS ensure that no matter which part of the United Nations a state approaches for advice or support related to small arms control, they will receive support that is consistent and of a high quality.

 “UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a leading champion of ISACS and has used the standards to help Ministries of Interior to design and implement a campaign — entitled "Choose Life Without Weapons" — to collect and destroy illicit and unwanted small arms and light weapons throughout the country.  The success of this campaign is a positive proof that ISACS can contribute in a significant way to strengthening national small arms controls." said Dr McCarthy.”

FULL REPORT — 6,000,000th Piece of Ammunition Destroyed