Awareness, registration & collection campaign in Bosnia & Herzegovina implemented in line with ISACS


Photo: UNDP Bosnia & Herzegovina

"It is estimated that there are still 750,000 illicit weapons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, presenting continuous threat to safety of all citizens. Illegal weapons alone have been a factor in more than 10,000 deaths since the end of the war.

In order to fight this problem, the Small Arms and Light Weapons Awareness, Registration, and Collection Campaign conducted awareness raising activities in communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. […]

The campaign is conducted until the end of this year long amnesty period, which is in force in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina and which provides an opportunity for citizens to surrender weapons held illegally, without legal repercussions, as well as to register certain types of these weapons. […]

In turn, nearly 7,000 weapons and over 300,000 pieces of munitions and unexploded ordnances have been collected or destroyed so far, showing a positive trend in community mobilization and citizen awareness. The voluntary surrender of illegal weapons prevents their widespread use – which causes death, injury, and psychological trauma. […]

The Campaign is being implemented in line with the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS), and is carried out by the cantonal Ministries of the Interior, Ministry of the Interior of Republika Srpska and Brčko District Police, with the support of UNDP, ICRC, OSCE, the Government of United Kingdom, UNICEF and World Future Council."

FULL REPORT — Reaching Out to People is a Key to Resolving Illicit Weapons Problem