At INTERPOL Advisory Group, ISACS recognised for contributions to iARMS

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LYON, FRANCE — The Coordinator of the ISACS Inter-Agency Support Unit, Patrick Mc Carthy, participated in the 5th iARMS Advisory Group Meeting on 25 November 2014 at INTERPOL Headquarters in Lyon.  

The INTERPOL Illicit Arms Records and tracing Management System (iARMS) is a "state-of-the art tool that facilitates information exchange and investigative cooperation between law enforcement agencies in relation to the international movement of illicit firearms, as well as licit firearms that have been involved in the commission of a crime.”  The scope of iARMS includes lost, stolen, trafficked and smuggled firearms.

Other members of the Advisory Group are drawn from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic and the Small Arms Survey.  

The Advisory Group discussed the current and future stages of iARMS development and rollout and took stock of its successes to date, which include the first hits on the iARMS system and a significant increase in data uploaded and States connected to the system.

129 of INTERPOL’s 190 Member States are currently connected to the iARMS database, which contains more than 725,000 illicit firearms records uploaded by 31 States.  During 2014, more than 1,350 international trace requests were submitted thorugh iARMS.  

While iARMS, which was launched at the end of 2012, has not yet reached the tippling point that will make it an indispensible tool for law enforcement cooperation to counter firearms trafficking, it is well on its was to doing so.  Growth in the number of States connected to the system and, crucially, of illicit firearms records uploaded to the system by INTERPOL Member States, looks set to continue into 2015.  

The Coordinator of INTERPOLs Firearms Programme, Mr. Jeffrey Stirling, presented the ISACS Coordinator with a certificate in appreciation of his contribution to international police cooperation in helping to develop the INTERPOL Illicit Arms Record and Tracing Management System (iARMS).  

2014 INTERPOL iARMS - Version 2 copy

INTERPOL’s iARMS Advisory Group (Photo: INTERPOL)